I’m someone that loves to go out for food, or order something in thats different to what could be cooked on your stove.

I want to be able to share completely honest and truthful reviews about the places I go and the food I eat.

Not everyone can get to grips with a very formal review, so I want to try make it a little different and a little more interesting for you all.

I had this amazing idea one day while eating at GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen), of how great it would be to be a food critic, but an anonymous food critic.

I suppose you can argue that many food critics are, but I find you can always tell when they have their little book out, and also the fact the restaurant is normally told in advance a day someone may be coming in.

I want to show more of a ‘real life’ situation, like going for a meal with your parents, rather than on your own with a briefcase and suit.

The service may be totally different if someone thinks your a critic.