This was a cute and small restaurant, and although we didn’t book, we were seated very quickly. This was our second attempt here, as the first time we queued out the door and no one was being spoken to about any tables. We waited 10 minutes before leaving, so already this second attempt at a visit was going much better.

We were on a two-person table and our table was rather close to the couples next to us. This was a bit unnerving but as the evening went on and the food came it was soon forgotten. I decided to push the boat out and have a Stella pear cidre. It was a nice cold bottle, with an ice filled glass, which kept it fresh and lasted throughout the meal. The waiter poured half a glass for me, and then took our order. It was all very efficient and quick, which was a great start and I looked forward to the food after this good reception.

To start was Mini Ciabatta Bites to share. These are a favourite when going to any Bella Italia and it definitely did not let us down this time either. The sharer plate had 14 ciabatta bites altogether, 7 each so the perfect size starter. They were superb, the garlic covering was not too strong, but there was oil in the bowl to be soaked up by the dough.


Unfortunately the main course did not live up to this starter at all. I had the Beef and Red Wine Ravioli, which in itself was very nice. It was a nice rich flavoured sauce, but there really wasn’t much of it. I was very disappointed at the portion size, especially when I looked over and there was a bowl full of spaghetti carbona beside me, which was brimming to the top. It really made me wish I had chosen my second choice as I feel I would have had more in my pasta bowl. If I had not had a starter I would have still been hungry by the end. Yes the pasta parcels were of good size and filled nicely, but there were about 8 of the parcels, there really wasn’t enough. It also mentions in the description the beef ragu sauce, there was definitely more sauce than beef. I did not want to pay around £12 for this meal, I felt £7 would have been more acceptable.


Sadly although this experience and meal started off really well, it actually left on a downer. Normally I am too full for pudding, but on this occasion we decided to go elsewhere for dessert, which after a pretty good sized milkshake, I was full.

Although the service was good, quick and efficient, the main course really let Bella Italia down for me, if you are after a big meal, I do not recommend this main course.


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