There is a time in everyone’s life whether student or not that a takeaway, whatever you may choose to eat, is needed. We went through Deliveroo, and had takeaway for Handmade Burger Co. I love that restaurants that you would originally have had to trek out in the cold to eat, and then trek back in the dark, you can now have very conveniently to your front door.

Normally when I have used Deliveroo they have been great, they have a similar system to Dominos Pizza letting you know when your food is being cooked, and when it is on our way. Sadly this time this seemed to lack slightly, our food was supposedly on its way but after nearly 20 minutes of it being ‘on its way’ (we were closer than 20 minutes), it was not with us. This was Deliveroo’s fault not Handmade Burger Co, and we were worried about the temperature our food would be when it arrived. Though a positive was that Deliveroo text us, informing us of the new time to expect our food.  This was annoying though and we were getting very hungry by this point.


A bike ride for them, food to the door for you!

What is good about Deliveroo, is for students with Unidays, it is free delivery, so even cheaper! You do however have to spend over £10 altogether to qualify for Deliveroo, with many places on there that isn’t a problem, but if you’re looking for something cheaper Deliveroo isn’t for you.

If you have read another of my reviews, where I mention Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK), you will know how much I rave about it being my favourite burgers. I can now confirm that has been knocked out the winner spot. Firstly is was a huge 7oz burger, made of 100% scotch beef, which was cooked to exactly right, being juicy yet not underdone. All ingredients are fresh and handmade in the restaurant! I had the Avocado and Bacon burger, which was hand crushed avocado, smoked bacon, mayonnaise, and Handmade Burger Co. burger relish. It was honestly one of the best burgers I have ever had, so although it took it’s time coming to us, and it was £9.45, it was worth the wait and every bit of that price.


An over flowing, full to the brim burger!

Accompanying our burgers we also got Denver chips, which are chips topped with marinated pulled pork, melted cheese and BBQ pit sauce. These really got the taste buds flowing, the BBQ sauce had a bit of a tang and it was by no mean lacking over the chips. We also had sweet potato fries, unfortunately these did not match up to the GBK standard, they were slightly cold, which is not the restaurants fault, but they were also not as crispy they seemed a bit limp. So although tasty, they were not my favourite thing about the meal.


Sweet Potato fired on the left, Denver chips on the right.

It’s very obvious to expect the food to be warm rather than hot when you order from online, and most places are pretty good, it is a definite indicator and positive reason to actual go to a restaurant. But as my first Handmade Burger Co. experience, the burger was not cold, and it was a great first impression. I would like to try this place again, but in a restaurant to experience the service and hopefully piping hot food.


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