My trip to The Soar Point was a pit stop for lunch and definitely a good call. I have been here once before and thoroughly enjoyed it the first time, so when offered to go again it as a definite yes.


The Main Entrance.

There were plenty of spaces to pick from, and there is such a nice atmosphere to sit and eat food. There are multiple tables with plug sockets which cater to workers but mainly for students, it is a great place to go to do work and have a bite to eat. There is also a large balcony area which hangs over a river, and I can imagine this being great in the summer to be outside having drinks on-looking pretty scenery.

With The Soar Point you have to go up to the bar and order, but that really isn’t a bad thing. To drink I had a Passion-Shot smoothie, which included passionfruit, pineapple and mango. This was so tasty and healthy as well, my only issue is that there wasn’t a huge amount of it. It came in a takeaway cold drink cup, and as you can see in the picture below it wasn’t filled right to the top when it arrived. I could have done with more, but then again it only cost £2.50, and compared to smoothies from coffee chains, it was good value for money.


Refreshing and tasty!

Being in the middle of the day, it was rather quiet which was great for us as our food was at our table in no time. I went for mac ‘n’ cheese, with BBQ pulled pork. Now again if you know me, I love cheese, I love pasta, and I love pulled pork so best combination ever. It was also a pretty great meal. There was plenty there to eat and I was definitely struggling by the end to finish it, but because it was so good I was determined to finish. I do have to say there is a large amount of food on each plate. Looking around they are definitely not terrible on portion size which again makes it great value for money.


A bucket of cheesy pasta, what more could you want?!

The downside though that was discussed at our table, was that although not ridiculously expensive, for a very student orientated place, the prices are still quite high. It would be cheaper probably to make my own mac and cheese at home. At the end of the day you’re paying for the convenience of not having to cook, plus a nice comfortable atmosphere, as well as quality. Some restaurants just know how to make your own food taste rubbish in comparison.

For a student it is a nice treat to eat out during the week, but if you wanted to work there most days, you would have to find food elsewhere, otherwise before you know it, you’ll have no money left in the student bank!


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