This meal was a bit of a strange one. This was a family and friends occasion before going to watch ice hockey, and I’m going to state the obvious it is freezing watching ice hockey so you have got to warm the belly with food.

Now firstly, if you have read my other reviews you know I am a sucker for a good lime and soda. This ‘lime and soda’ I was presented with was not a great start to the meal. There was no lime and might as well have been no soda, it was flat soda, which was like funny tasting water. I was not impressed by this, I enjoyed my sister’s cucumber water more than my own, and I do not like healthy tasting drinks like that one!


It even looked like water, no lime colour to watch the no lime flavour.

With this bad start I was not feeling optimistic,but I have to say the starter of Cheesy Smoked Pesto Garlic Bread was by no doubt the best part of the entire meal. It is a great sharer, so packed with flavor, not oily at all, which surprised me with the amount of pesto and mozzarella. So this definitely saved the lime and soda and brought Zizzi’s back into the game.


The game changer.

Unfortunately the main then let me down again. Although a nice meal and a good portion size, I was left disappointed by the Chicken and Prosciutto Salad. This salad included, chicken, prosciutto, avocado, red onions, tomato’s, croutons, mixed leaves, with a aioli dressing. Starting from one of the main ingredients the prosciutto, being in the name you would presume it to be a main feature of the dish. I was sad to see only on streak of prosciutto which didn’t last through the whole salad. Next the avocado was hard, I love avocado and was one of the reasons why I chose this meal, so it was not great to have hard avocado but also not a great deal of it. I also love aioli, and yes although the salad was dressed with it, it was not a very apparent flavour. I would not have recognised it as aioli, or at least the version of it I know and love, so more of this dressing would have made the salad nicer.


Looked great, but lacked the wow a salad should have.

The service was also rather slow for a quiet restaurant. We went at 4pm so not rush hour at a restaurant, and there was approximately 4 tables in throughout our meal with people coming and leaving. I overheard one of the staff members conversation about how busy it was in the restaurant. I had to turn around and look if there was a part of the restaurant I was missing. It was by no means busy.

The longest time was between the mains and pudding, but the pudding was worth the wait. A Chocolate and Banana Calzone, with mascarpone cream and vanilla gelato. Oh my did it make the taste buds flow. It was the perfect size for one, and it was delicious, I could not fault this pudding. The inside of the calzone was full to the brim no slim picking for us and was definitely worth the money.

Overall my time in Zizzi was rather frustrating. I had high hopes, especially as I have not been to one in many years. The waiting around and the main course did let me down, which for me brought the whole experience down. I would like to go to another Zizzi’s to see what the food would be like, so I can say I have not been fully put off. The next time i will try a pizza or a pasta dish and hopefully have a nicer experience.


The colourful plate, and then the amazing coffee ‘mug’, did end the meal on a high.



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