I will happily admit I do love TGI Fridays! It’s a place that I don’t go too often, there isn’t one in my home town unfortunately, plus it is pricey on a student budget. But acceptations are made on a shopping trip day, you have got to treat yourself to a nice fulfilling lunch when you’ve got hours of exhausting but great shopping to do.


Cajun Cream Pasta with Cajun Chicken

Going into this TGI’s was slightly strange as it was rather quiet for a 12:30pm lunch hour. They were most certainly over staffed, which is a first, there were many waiters and waitresses just milling around waiting for something to do, or chatting to one another. though it being quiet worked very well to our advantage as we were well attended to and our food was very quick to come out. This compared to my last visit where I waited what felt like years between courses, was a pleasant and scrumptious surprise.

To start were shared nachos, and anyone that knows me, knows I love nachos. These nachos were not a disappointment. Each layer of nacho chips was covered in cheese, and I love the sour cream they give in restaurants, you know the proper stuff, rather than the jars. We had a single portion between the two of us, and that was perfectly enough especially with the large mains coming our way. We are by no means small eaters but anymore and it might as well have been our main dinner, and a doggy bag for the actual main course! Now I am actually very ashamed to admit, that although I have been eating nachos for a very long time, it had only just come to my attention that nacho chips are tortilla wraps…I know shocking, but this was honestly a revelation and I don’t think I will look at nachos the same way again!


How cheesy are these nachos!

Onto mains and I went for the Jack Daniels Chicken Sandwich. This included grilled chicken breast with the Jack Daniels glaze, Monterey Jack cheese and Jack Daniels candied bacon, in a brioche bun. That is a lot of Jack Daniels in one sentence. When at TGI’s I normally got for the fajitas mainly because I love their blackened chicken, but this time I decided to go for something different and it was honestly a great choice.


The food wasn’t overloaded by the Jack Daniels, and there was an amazing Jack Daniels dipping sauce, which went with the sweet potato fries perfectly. It reminded me of marmite but that was personal taste, apparently, it did not taste of this at all, but food always taste differently to different people.

This was a good place to go and eat and if anyone was in a rush then it would have been great for them as everything came quickly to our table, we were in and out in around an hour. I could not finish my food I was so full, good food that fills you up is always a huge plus in my books.



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