Frankie and Benny’s is a very well-known Italian family favourite, which I will admit is my go to place to eat out. I’ve been so many times whether it be for a family meal, an exam results day breakfast, date night, or for a splendid three course meal with cocktails. I am very surprised my local Frankie and Benny’s do not recognize my face by now.

Being a student too it is a very well-priced place to go and eat and the portions are by no means small, so even better value for money. This is especially essential to us students where value for money is everything. They do however offer a good discount for students, so that is one to bear in mind!

On this adventure to Frankie and Benny’s is wasn’t a three course meal, just a one course main meal with drinks. What I love about the one in my home town is that they are very friendly, and many of the staff have been there for years so they know the running’s of the place like the back of their hand. Our drinks were taken quickly and they didn’t rush us with choosing our main course and pestering us to order which I like. I have found they can do that when it is busy in there, but I guess that is to do with the turnaround time for tables.

For my main: Chicken and Prawn Alfredo, this included penne pasta, chicken, mushrooms, prawns, in what they described as a creamy cheese sauce with rocket. My issue with this dish is that it is described as having a cheese sauce, which if you have a look at the images below is how they describe the carbonara.

Although this was a lovely and huge dish which I devoured, it was not a cheese sauce. I have had the carbonara and that is a cheese sauce which you would expect to have, mine however was not as thick, or cheesy. I know it was a slightly different colour to do with the Cajun seasoning, but if you’re expecting a carbonara type sauce with this, I can confirm it is not what you would expect.

However, it was very delicious anyway, and the sauce was very nice, it was just something I had never tried before, and if it tells me creamy cheese sauce that is what I am expecting.

Another criticism has to be the amount of meat in my meal, don’t get me wrong I was not rationed but I felt there could be more. There were only four prawns in my meal and there was a lot of pasta to go through, there was more chicken, but then again not enough to compliment the pasta. As well with the chicken, they were very small pieces too which meant there wasn’t a large taste with the pasta either. I definitely found with the meals at the table that there was a much higher quantity of the low value food items such as, mushrooms and streaky bacon, whereas chicken, prawns and meatballs were of a much lower quantity.


Even with the criticisms, we were scraping our plates.

Overall we were in and out of Frankie and Benny’s in an hour, so the service I could definitely not complain about. We were well attended to and overall the food was very good and one course filled us right up. I’ve just got to keep an eye on that menu!


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