This Italian restaurant is an adorable place to go and eat. Bella Vita in Princes Risborough, is very reasonably priced for such good food. This dinner was a family affair, my grandparents live in Spain and they were over, so all that side of my family were out to this restaurant. Bella Vita catered to all 10 of us with efficiency and care and it was such a nice atmosphere.

We went on a Sunday early evening, and we were the only ones in there which was very strange at first, I find it is rare to go into a restaurant and it be empty. I had never been here before, and whenever I have driven by it has never looked particularly busy. As of 2013 they now have another restaurant because of their success, so I must just drive by at quiet times, and to be honest it is not like I drive past this restaurant regularly.

The staff were all Italian, but spoke very good English, and were also very attentive to anything we needed. I am not sure whether this is because for a while we were the only ones in there, but it wasn’t overbearing, and they seemed very eager to please, which was a good thing.

Now, I had a lime and soda to drink, and normally I wouldn’t over compliment a drink, but I find with a line and soda the ratio of lime to soda is very important. I hate it when I order this drink but you cannot taste the lime for the life of you. This is such a disappointment as this is my go to drink, and I love the taste of the lime cordial. Bella Vita did not hold back on the lime, as you will see in the picture below it is actually a good colour, it wasn’t too strong and not too weak the perfect lime and soda for me!


The perfect lime to soda ratio!

The food then kept up to this standard of the lime and soda. All the food is freshly made on the day with homemade and fresh ingredients. This certainly shone through, with my spinach and ricotta Tortellini in tomato and cream, oh my it was the best. I wanted to savor every last bite, and what was great was there was just so much of it. I was thoroughly full by the end of it and feeling very satisfied.

Sadly, there is a criticism. I am unsure as to whether this was because we were the only ones there and there were three waiters on, but I found when we were eating out mains, one or two of the waiters would hang around a bit. They would just be watching us eat right next to our tables, and walk down to see us all eating. This was very off putting, one thing I like is to enjoy a meal in peace. As I said before I am not sure whether this was because we were the only ones in there when we first started our mains, but it was uncomfortable and when talking to the rest of the party we all felt the same here.


My Tortellini, with chunky veg too – Got to get those 5-a-day

Moving onto pudding though this was also great, they had so many to choose from, from tiramisu, cheesecake, or just a nice coffee. I had a chocolate orange bombe, which was orange flavored ice cream with a chocolate center, then covered in chocolate which had been frozen over the top. It honestly tasted like Terry’s chocolate orange. I love Terry’s chocolate orange so this was the best choice. I wanted something different and it definitely was.

We were then offered coffee afterwards, and after that Limoncello, which sadly I could not have as I was driving – all about responsibility and promoting safe driving after all.

All in all, this was a very positive first experience at Bella Vita, and if you want a family friendly atmosphere and great Italian food, this little restaurant is the perfect option for you.


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