Five guys came highly recommended to me. Again, this was while I was on my travels in Leicester, and is situated 1/3 Cheapside. I was a Five guys virgin, so this was a very new experience to me, not that it was a hard or taxing experience, I don’t want to make it out like it was.

It is basically the same principles as a fast food place, for example McDonalds, yet with a very American diner feel for the place. You waltz on up to the counter or wait in line, we timed it perfectly and were at the front of the queue, 5 minutes later the queue was out the door. I’m not sure if it was a usual thing to only have one person serving, but they definitely needed more people. Even being at the front of the queue it took what seemed like forever for us to actually get served. So top tip: Be prepared to wait, or at least top tip for them is have more staff on!

You then must choose what type of food you want, so a burger (big or small), hot dogs or toasties.


You then choose from a variety of fillings included in the price of the burger, so if you’re indecisive its best to wait at the side and choose in advance, but then if you’re in a long queue you’ll have plenty of time.

Then fried in peanut oil is their chips, and you can choose from their house chips or their Cajun spice chips. Then your drink, and which can be just a normal fizzy drink but they also do milkshakes.

I was warned that because the burgers are huge, that for a little person like me a small cheese burger is a good size. I went for the little cheeseburger, and I can confirm even that filled me right up. I had fillings of jalapenos, grilled onions and ketchup, then the house fries and an Oreo cookie milkshake.

Now let me start by telling you that that milkshake was amazing, I could feel it clinging up my arteries, and rising my cholesterol, it was a great feeling! The chips were super tasty and worth the £4-ish that they cost. The difference in this burger to a fast food place is that it actually tasted like proper meat burger you may buy from Tesco.  With the grilled onions too, it was seriously tasty and reminded me of the type of burgers you have at barbeques.

BUT, yes sadly a but, although I have said it was good and trust me it was great, it wasn’t as great as the hype that was built up around it for me. I was told it would be right up there with places like GBK and the Handmade Burger Kitchen, or those amazing burgers you can get from pubs, but sadly it was not.

Don’t get me wrong it was much better than fast food, and was very satisfying. I would definitely recommended and definitely have it again, I’m just not in an overwhelming rush to go back.

Saying that I have recently found out there is soon to be one in my city. I’m not entirely sure where but when it is there I’m definitely going to go back.

Maybe there will be an update some point in 2017 on my new experience with Five Guys but until then a solid 4 stars from me.


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