What isn’t there to say about Oodles Chinese. If you’re going to go for a Chinese takeaway and you can’t decide where to get it from, I highly recommend the magic that is Oodles Chinese, or how I like to call it – Oodles Noodles.

Unfortunately though for us takeaway lovers it is only available up there.. and when I say up there I mean the midlands. Which to southerners like myself is basically considered the north. I’ve had this deliciousness in Leicester, and let me tell you it’s the only reason I travel there. Maybe not the only reason but is definitely worth it just for the Oodles.

What I love about this place is you get all the offers of a normal chinese takeaway but you get them in boxes. I know that is quite a trivial thing to get excited about, but you know the ones that you always see on American TV shows, that open at the top, it’s those ones.


The Chinese boxes keeps your food warm for hours!

You choose a size of box, a standard medium is £6, which doesn’t break the bank for students like myself. Trust me a medium box fills you right up it’s definitely a proper meal. You then have to choose two starters so for example rice and noodles, and then you can choose two more items, either a dry dish or a sauce dish, or one of each or two of the same, its completely up to you.

My personal favourite, and when I say this I’ve had this food a good few times and I have gone for this every time – Noodles, egg fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, and crispy chicken. Though I’ve tried the garlic chicken and that is also a very good shout.

Now let me tell you this is the most beautiful Chinese I’ve had! I would recommend  ordering early on those busy nights like Friday and Saturday. One time the food was delivered 40 minutes early, and this was midweek, but ordered at half 5 on a Friday night and it didn’t appear until nearly 7:45pm!

But although there was a long waiting time oh my gosh it is worth the wait, and still hot too! As I’ve said before you are throughly stuffed by the end. Chicken, good, rice, good, noodles, good, and the sweet and sour sauce just soaks all the way to the bottom and really is to die for.

What’s also good is that it’s not just a takeaway server, oh no, it is also a small restaurant, so you can go sit-down and eat in there too, so even if you walk past, you can pop in and have a great meal.


So if you love a good chinese takeaway and you’re from the ‘midlands’ (i’m joking its a real place I promise), then whatcha waiting for.


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